Okay- I’m in love with this stuff­– I don’t normally write reviews, but this ointment really is incredible– I’ve recommended this to several of my girlfriends who have kids, and I think it’s important for mothers to know about.


My daughter has super sensitive skin, and she tends to get really bad diaper rash– her little bum just gets so chapped, and I feel so helpless to make it better. I’ve tried all sorts of other creams for diaper rash, but none of them have really helped– the doctor gave me a couple and they just seemed to do nothing, so I went back to over-the-counter creams. Nothing ever really worked.

I’ve had this stuff in the cupboard for over a year now– a friend gave it to me for my son’s sunburn (I know that sounds awful, it was a minor one between applications of sunblock) and I just never got around to using it. I was cleaning out the cupboards recently, found it and decided to try it on the baby’s diaper rash. The rash was almost gone by the next morning- I was blown away– this is something we’ve struggled with for a while now and we’ve never had results like this.


It’s really nice to use, too– it even smells soothing- nice and minty but subtle, it’s not super-scenty, and it has a nice, thick feel to it– it cleared up my daughter’s rash so well that I’ve started using it for other things around the house like bug bites and minor skin irritations- I got a little burn last week on the stove and used it for that, it was so soothing, and I love the way it tingles a bit on your skin.


My girlfriend had it because her mother was bedridden with an illness for a long time– she said the doctor recommended it for her bedsores and it was the only thing that worked. My husband has always had very slight eczema, it doesn’t bother him all the time, but now when he has a flare up we slather him up in Calmoseptine and it sorts him right out.


I know it’s a bit pricier than the other diaper rash creams, I’ve had a girlfriend comment on that, but it seriously works miracles as far as I’m concerned, so it’s well worth the money- it’s also quite thick though, so not always good to use unless there’s an actual problem, which means it lasts forever– I don’t use it for every diaper change, I only use it on the baby if she has a rash.

So in short, this stuff is amazing- I think every family needs to have this around– we tried so many different creams and this one just worked! A little goes a long way, so it lasts forever, and it’s well worth the difference I see in my daughter’s skin.